Monday, April 29, 2019

The Siren of the Citadel, Mneme

Excerpt from The Undine Isles:

     The gothic door creaked open and a single figure entered, wearing wispy silk robes of orange, red, and gold. She was tall and thin with aquiline features and a nose like a beak, brown hair wrapped behind her into a manicured bun, though I was quite sure there were feathers in it. Not accidentally imparted by a leaky pillow, either, but growing out amongst normal hair, glimmering like gunmetal in the light as she moved. When our gazes locked, my jaw dropped and an involuntary gasp came out. Each of the woman’s sharp eyes was a burst of vermilion that faded to saffron, each iris halved by a black slit of pupil: a lizard’s iris imposed on a human eye. 

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