Sunday, April 28, 2019

Angela and Derdriu in Melisende's Therma

Last week, I finished this drawing of a scene from Arrival Songs: Angela. An excerpt and details on the drawing are below. I'm pretty happy with it. 🥰

“Come take a bath with me?” Derdriu asked.
“Ooh,” I said. “Outside, where anyone could see us?”
“Ehm, yes,” Derdriu said, and now she seemed uncomfortable. “I can—”
“Don’t be silly. Don’t you think it adds something?” I asked. “Knowing that we could get… caught, together?”
Derdriu’s face broke into a grin. “I could also arrange for us to get caught, though it seems like enough to happen of its own volition.”
I laughed and twined our hands again.
Outside in the courtyard was a Roman-style bath with taps similar to the ones at the Ridley House, but the taps were shaped like spitting fishes and the bath was surrounded by lush green plant life. Derdriu and I slipped out of our sarongs, and now I did feel slightly like those denizens of Eden.

~ ♆ ~

Derdriu slipped out of her sarong. It fell to the elegantly paved ground. She stepped naked into the therma and began turning on the taps. There were ten of them—ten taps with valves for warm or hot water. Derdriu turned all of the valves as she roved around the empty stone bath.
“You seem so at home here,” I said.
Derdriu shrugged. “I suppose I am,” she admitted, “If it weren’t for Nona, I would have moved here a hundred and fifty years ago.”
Each time Derdriu turned on a tap, it would spit out a hissing, white mess of water that splashed back up at her. Drops hit her thighs. By the time she reached the last tap, the water had already accumulated a few inches, completely covering her feet.
I looked around us one more time and let my sarong fall down around my feet. I wasn’t sure how I felt about someone walking in on us, as seemed sure to happen.
“I hope you have other reasons now,” I said. Derdriu blushed. 

Detail on Derdriu in Angela and Derdriu in Melisende's Therma

Detail on Angela in Angela and Derdriu in Melisende's Therma

Derdriu's feet

The lush "green" plant life. But you have to imagine the green. 🍃

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