Saturday, March 16, 2019

Another Doodle ✨

This time we're looking at a moment with Grace, Fredeline, and Alex that I truly adore. It's the first moment their friendship solidifies into full-on badass Girl Detectives, which is the title of this piece and of Chapter 20 in The Undine Isles. I love Alex and Freds more than life. If you had to stop the end of the world, this is the team you'd want on your side: this nerdy little sword lesbian (Freds) and this grade-A bad influence (Alex, and proudly so). Which is fortunate. They're the best friends a gay mermaid could ask for.

This Moment in TUI:
Then there was a splash from the canal where I’d just climbed out, and I started.


Fredeline tossed back her head and laughed, then vaulted herself up out of the canal as well. “Oh, mon amie. Comme si tu pouvais le faire sans moi.” She splashed the caudal fin of her queen angelfish’s tail against the water’s surface.

“Or me,” Alex said, laughing as she drew herself up, too. She dried her gills the quicker way, even though any chance of a breeze here was buffered by all the infrastructure. “We’d better hurry. After Freds and I left the Nanshe to follow you, there’s no way we don’t have eight or nine cops on our tails now. Let's do this.”

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